Analyst, Credit and Insurance

Analyst, Credit and Insurance

This position presents an opportunity to participate in a growth oriented organization and to gain exposure and understanding of the energy industry from a risk management perspective. This role is ideally suited to a high capability, career oriented analyst seeking a challenging opportunity.

Reporting to the Manager, Credit Risk, the responsibilities of the Analyst, Credit and Insurance are three-tiered – on the collateral tier, the incumbent produces and analyses reports on companywide credit usage while ensuring that Brookfield’s collateral and credit requirements are optimized; on the insurance tier, the incumbent ensures that the insurance policies are renewed to comply with covenants in contracts; and on the credit tier, the incumbent analyses counterparty credit risk and makes recommendation on appropriate credit limits.



  • Produce and analyze reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis related to incoming and outgoing collateral, company wide credit usage compared to credit facility limits;
  • Update and maintain information in the risk management system related to counterparties and negotiate master agreement specifics;
  • Calculate and ensure that the interest related to collateral has been paid by Brookfield or counterparties, and reconcile all collateral and interest transactions to ensure they occurred properly;
  • Educate other Brookfield sectors on the different ISO’s collateral and credit requirements in order to optimize collateral usage and requirements for Brookfield;
  • Monitor ISO tariffs for changes to collateral processes;
  • Communicate changes in ISO collateral processes to other Brookfield sectors and implement changes in processes and systems;
  • Evaluate reports and processes and make recommendations to Manager to improve processes and create new reports;
  • Assist in the development of specifications for collateral management systems and testing.


  • Coordinate with Riskcorp and various internal clients (General Managers, Controllers, HR, etc.) the renewal of Brookfield’s 15 insurance policies;
  • Coordinate with Riskcorp the renewal and issuance of new insurance certificates in order to comply with covenants in contracts;
  • Analyze and reconcile premiums due to budget, present reconciliation to senior management for invoice authorization and approval;
  • Create annual insurance budget for 15 policies, approximately premiums of $13M;
  • Ensure that the insurance processes are SOX compliant;
  • Act as central coordinator for Brookfield Power entities in managing claims;
  • Review insurance manual and provide input to Riskcorp regarding accuracy and clarity;
  • Create templates and streamline insurance renewal process where possible.


  • Analyze counterparty credit risk and recommend appropriate credit limits and internal credit rating according to Risk Management Policy;
  • Create and analyze reports related to current and potential credit exposure, incoming and outgoing collateral, etc.;
  • Monitor credit exposure to ensure compliance to Risk Management Policy on a daily basis, and investigate and report instances of non-compliance;
  • Update and maintain information in the risk management system related to counterparties and credit limits;
  • Assist Manager in assessing credit risk evaluation processes, technological solutions, mitigating processes and similar activities in order to improve the overall risk management practices.


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or accounting;
  • A minimum of 1 year experience in credit risk and market risk management;
  • Good understanding of the power electricity industry;
  • English is essential; working knowledge of French would be considered an asset.

Technical Competencies

  • Advanced knowledge of Excel;
  • Knowledge of Access is an asset
  • Experience with Databases (run reports, queries, searches, etc.);
  • English is essential; working knowledge of French would be considered an asset.


  • Analytical thinking; analyzing and synthesizing information to understand issues, identify options, and support sound decision making;
  • Attention to detail; working in a conscientious, consistent and thorough manner;
  • Client focus; providing service excellence to internal and/or external clients;
  • Information gathering and processing; locating and collecting data from appropriate sources and analyzing it to prepare meaningful and concise reports that summarize the information;
  • Relationship building; establishing, sustaining and fostering professional contacts to build, enhance and connect networks for work purposes;
  • Resilience; remains energized and focused in the face of ambiguity, change or strenuous demands;
  • Teamwork; working collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals;
  • Time management/priority setting; the process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity;
  • Work ethics and values; demonstrating and supporting the organization's ethics and values.

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Job Title: Analyst, Credit and Insurance
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Analyst, Credit and Insurance