Development Projects

Development Projects

In addition to growing our business through acquisitions, we pursue organic growth initiatives by developing our portfolio of greenfield projects. We indirectly own over 20 development projects in Brazil, Canada,  the United States and Europe totaling an estimated aggregate of 3,000 MW of potential capacity.

Below is a partial listing of projects under development or construction:


Project Name Location MW Status
Coldwell Wind Energy Project Marathon, Ontario 100 Development
Lower Lake Hydroelectric Project Terrace Bay, Ontario 10 Development
Pehonan Hydroelectric Project Melfort, Saskatchewan                     250 Development


Project Name Location MW Status
Serra dos Cavalinhos I State of Rio Grande do Sul 21 Development
Arrozeira Meyer State of Santa Catarina 20 Development
Foz do Estrela State of Parana  30  Development 
Cachoeira das Almas State of Minas Gerais  28  Development 
Xanxerê  State of Santa Catarina  24  Development 
Galera  State of Mato Grosso  17  Development 
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